I’m excited to eat Bulalo next week for a week Philippines vacation. I like it with hot soup and filled with veggies and yummy taste. I usually eat my Bulalo in Tagaytay at Leslie’s but this time I will try from karinderya along the highway. My friends told me that it’s as nice but more cheaper and affordable. 

According to comments and alleged history, Tagaytay City is where bulalo has begun that’s why they have mastered the taste that people are enjoying and keep on coming back. On my way to Nasugbu for an outing with friends and family, we went to a bulaluhan along the highway. It was nice and you can ask for soup over and over again, amazing! A compliment of the cold weather of Tagaytay. Speaking of cold weather, bulalo soup should be consumed fast otherwise it’ll get cold too. 

The tender meat of the beef shank and the membrane will make an enjoyable meal. I like Baguio City but it here where I had the worst bulalo ever, salty and the meat is not cooked as tender as it should be. 

Bulalo is also a common side dish for beer 🍻 with friends, but it’s not a good food for fiesta’s, at least in our town. You won’t see it prepared on the table. I think that bulalo is a “craving food” you eat it when you want it. Or an occasional food like once in a while you’ll ask your uncle or your mom to cook for you. Its also good for people who is not feeling well. It is high in protein so it is healthy. 

As the days comes near, my craving is building up.