The plan was just abrupt, I was informed by my friend that they planned to embark to Malacca in the weekend and stay there overnight. It was like few days, about three to be exact. I felt excited because after many many years, I would be seing that place again.

It was 2004 when I first been to Malacca, I didn’t know this place, never heard and no idea at all on what to expect. Our first destination was this open auditorium like park with the highest flag pole on it’s center. It was a hot day and I just enjoy the view of the place but being concious of the weather. I also recalls that we also went to Malacca Zoo, my first ever zoo experience.

Getting there was as easy as hassle free specially if you have your own transport. Public buses are also plenty from Johor city center or even in Singapore. Highways are just stretched up to your point of interest in your destination.

They have the most number of museum, every corner has a museum to explore. The most striking museum was a wreckage ship replica called Maritime Museum , I wasn’t able to go in due to limited time but without regret taking picture of it was good enough. The most memorable for me is the ruins of A Fomosa, Portugese port during the days. It has an Intramuros like walls and it composed of churches and administration buildings for functions. This fortress has been maintained and steel trusses are used to support the ruins of these buildings and keep then sturdy.

Malacca has also been the place of modern commerce with luxurious hotels, offices, resorts and malls. I have spent time in the mall to look around. There was also a village or community of the new generation Portugese settled here. I’m not sure if the local Malays can speak Portugese language here. The streets are busy, finding a parking lot seems to be very difficult during the weekends. We took about less than an hour just to find a parking lot. 

The feeling of being in Malacca is no difference when you are in Intramuros in Manila. I think that there’s really a sense of colonialism feeling right away seing this infrastructures ruins. What I felt specially is how greediness of the western kingdoms in expanding their land and territories and telling on the history that they have discovered this and that where actually it shouldn’t be the case. They slave people as if they created them, exploiting the treasures and killing them. Having said this things, they have left a memory of torture and maltreatment. Now luckily, we are out of that era. 

I think that Malacca like Manila and any other heritage places of Asia, would have had it’s contributions on it’s own to the present world.   Preserving the ruins of the past is only a history to the guidance to us to face the future. 

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