Government is an institution established to give order to a nation. 

If the government mishandled the order then there will be chaos. 

What’s happening now in the Philippines is putting back things in order, at least that’s what I see it. It has been unstable since 1986 after that power grabbing and revolutionary government have been established. During that time, the constitution has been violated putting the country into devide. The order was broken and raped, the mandate of the law was ignored to pave way to the new government in which has cause more issues and injustices. It has become a ground of revenge up to this day, a revenge without proof and valid convictions. The nation was left torn while leaving the order hanging bringing life to more sufferings and hardships. They have forgotten that the nation should grown and prosper, at least to some it does. 

After that 1986, the Philippines has become a place of the poor, crime, injustice, drugs, looting and bribery and most of all, lost of discipline.

Poor. There’s more poor people now, and they become poorer as if the government is not doing anything. The rich are using them instead to prevail what want. Paying a small amout to rally, to win an election and to misinform the community. Poor are exploited and not helped, they where categorized to be the poor and they, the rich. The government has no will to assist them to uplift their lives. 

Injustice. There are about 100 closed for every 3000 ongoing cases, the slowest at it’s finest. Justice delayed is justice denied, what can we ask for? Justice in the Philippines is as easy as payable when able. If you are not able, then you will be upheld and pay behind bar. 

Crime. A scary thing to be outside and be snatched with your purse or jewerly. To be abused while in a public places or transport. A rampant unduly activities happens every now and then even at home. The police which is supposedly the protectors of the people are also been involved for a common reason: precisely for the sake of additional income from brives. 

Drugs. A millions of pesos worth of business, they sell it to destroy the community and it’s family members. The government acted so soft on this making it a big menace that even them are hooked in exchange of liberty for huge amount of funds for personal purposes. They where blinded by the fact that… it doesn’t do any good to the user, a sad true story. I have known few people in our neighbourhood who have lost they own self and the becomes madly out of control. While the supplier hides in the comfort of their mansions in an exclusive location, this retailers are scattered conveniently present everywhere protected with guns and goons. 

Looting and bribery. For every government projects is equals to a second grade result. Poor infrastructure because of poor and lacking construction materials due to looting of funds by means of under the table transaction in government offices. A faster processes in return of brivery from a citizen renewing a license of business, driving or vehicle. There has been so many weak and under performing officers with their service to the people. 

Discipline. A very essence of being a human is respect with their fellowmen. To each his own carried up to their lifetime. A simple obedience to a simple rule is bent and ignored. Loitering is prevalent in every nooks and corners of the community. Children are so unrespectful with their parents and elderly. I believed that Filipinos are a disciplined people, and in my observation, it has just been gone during the time of oppressions and colonialism. We where once slave and once freed, forgets to think of others and do things in his own will. When power is acquired, it consumes them and use it to do even the rudest things. 

Who will act? It’s the government who will act after all. People within can do something about the abnormalities in itself.