What’s questionable now is Sen. Leila Delima’s stand of not attending or ignoring the House of Representatives hearing about the New Bilibid Prison drug trade. 

She might have all the right not to be present there but talking on a presscon and denying allegations is no difference with Binay’s case on graft. I’m no good about laws but I think I have the common sense to comment based on what I can understand. 

The case is so substantial that could cause her for life imprisonment. Drugs has become endemic even in the smallest societies in the Philippines which must be stop as soon as possible. It has become wide and strong because it was never attended with force and political power to fight againts it. Families where destroyed with the used of these substance, some are even out to kill and loot to purchase of drugs for the gratification. Illegal drugs where expensive to buy and produce making it’s lords richer. 

The Philippines has now launch the most intensive fight againts illegal drugs it it’s history. As the saying goes that no one is above the law and so that’s what is to happen. But this has made… or… the international organisations has condemned the endeavour of the Philippines to make its cities and municipalities free from drugs. The worst thing is, it started with the local politicians and media. 

The problem with this condemnation is that they releases comments without at least a proof or investigation being concluded discounting the internal investigation in the senate. Sen. Delima seems to discredit the drive to free the country from drugs by administering the UN or International court to come in and interfere with our laws and rules. 

I know that there are killings due to this fight, but the records shows that these people are involved in drugs and they resist the authorities. There has been killing since 1986 snatching, riding in tandem, rape, carnapping and alike are in huge numbers which seems that the previous government is not doing anything about it. And now, every killing are link to the governments’ fight on drugs which to me is unfair for the working police and military. They should know that for every strife there is death, for every submission is peace.

I myself have witnessed how drugs can destroy a mans behaviour. They becomes mad and could hurt someone else’s most of the time their family members or worst, they can even kill. It was a heart pain in his mother to suffer for what has happened to his son. The veracity of drugs in the Philippines is here now, with the surrendered users and pushers confirms it’s impact to the society in which the support on the war on drugs should proceed to save the young and old from madness. 

Delima has also launch her inquiry on records of death in connection to war on drugs emphatically stating it as extra judicial killing. My point is that, there has been so much ejk from the past implicating innocent victims but no one raise to probe these killings, and now that the police are working in cornering the users and pushers causing some violent resistance and death, they link the two? It was an unfair treatment because of the fact that the then Committee on Justice and Public Order chair Sen. Delima wanted to catch again the incumbent President Duterte which started during during her chairmanship of Human Rights regarding the same issue: ejk. 

The probe has turn table from the senators’ resolution on summary killing into probing her assumptions on dds implicating the president again. She has presented a witness from backdoor without affidavid and not known by committee members except her and Trillanes.  The public was stunned with the allegations of the said witness, a self confessed dds member who was link to over a thousand killing since 1988 under the then mayor of Davao City. But with an inconsistent testimonies, his credibility is questioned by the members and the public. Rudeness and disorderly manner has sprung up during this particular hearing. 

Delima has shown her biased attitude towards the hearings as if she was the counsel of the witnesses presented. She even reiterates the testimonies in a manner of correcting them on witnesses behalf. She has given a limited time to members to cross examine and verify their credibility as a witness which for the first time in a senate inquiry that there was a constraint in timing. Which for me was the indication of obstruction whereas she gives ample time to the witness and herself. 

The arguments of Sen. Cayetano during his privilege speech the following day has led to the ouster of Delima’s chairmanship of the committee after Sen. Pacquiao made a motion to vacate the chair and it’s members. And the rest is history, prior the privilege speech, Trillanes walked out followed by Delima during the part where Cayetano is stating her previous investigation regarding the dds in 1990 linking her probe once again to Duterte. 

Sen. Gordon replaced her as a chairman and the hearing proceeded with the same witness that she and Trillanes presented. The hearing went well with podium letting the members to stand up and talk rather than sitting with each other avoiding the so called “dutdutan” manner and trash talking with themselves. They have provided the withness with lawyer to assist him. 

During this hearing, Delima still has shown his support and belief to the witness depending him until the chaiman lectured her about testing his credibility. But then, she never stop imposing the manifestation of giving the witness a consideration because of his limited educational background making prone to mistakes. I find it odd that hers and Trillanes kind of questioning points to councel him. But I salute the new chairman for his unbiased presentation in the proceedings. 

The privilege speech of Delima and Trillanes has confirmed what they are up to in presenting that sole witness.  They solidly believed him without reasonable doubt and his credibility is important to probe Duterte again about the dds. I was just glad that she was ousted as the chairman of that committee for she doesn’t fit to be one because of her stance in the case. Cayetano interpolated with Trillanes speech that caused some discreet commotion.

Then finally, the house probe started, allegation after allegations, theories after theories indicting Delima as a drug coddler, receiving drug money benefiting to fund her senatorial bid, sex videos with her lover and many things which leads to one thing: a hysterical Delima. On her latest presscon, she outburst in her anger ending her message telling Duterte to arrest and jail her for everyone indulgence. 

My conclusion:

I think that she has lost her sense and taking it all personal or if not, she is loosing her arguments on the case against her. She wanted things to happen the way they do on the previous administration by putting behind bars people without any strong evidence or cases like:

She has overruled the SC TRO of then GMA and illegally detained her violated her rights as a human and as ex president. 

She singled out non party member on the Napoles Scam promising to file cases as she has the list. Eventually, no one from their party member was filed with cases though some are implicated. 

She have had photos, videos and it was confirmed by Jayvee Sebastian a convicted detainee during his interview. Is she befriending a convicted guy? So as other politicians do? It’s absurd! 

How can drugs become rampant in the NBP? I certainly believed that we should have filed a treason to all public officials who don’t performs well in their duties. They are wasting our tax money by ignorning and letting themselves to be a bait of an explotion like this. Phones, money and a lot of it, luxurious lifestyle and etc… etc…. do they don’t have eyes to see and monitor such activities? This is weak leadership and implementation of rules and order. 

This is how messy or dirty politics is, they speak againts themselves and they have full of pride in protecting the worst people to gain something. 

It’s sad to know some other accusations againts her knowing that she is a bright lawyer but using it in a bad manner. I think that she should just face it with proof to clear her name. As much as I want to give her the benefit of the doubt, it seems like she is coming near to the end of her rhyme. The mose she shout and chant, the more she is being implicated. 

But I wish everything went well with the case, without fabrications and manipulations of things. Of course we should be through in seing such awful things.