The terminal 1 of Ninoy Aquino International Airport was once an engineering feat of the 1980’s with the first airline in asia: PAL. 

The building was long forgotten to be maintained and renovated to catch up with the modern era of aviation and guests comfort. It is said that an airport is the reflection of a country since it is where the first impression is captivated by the flyers. Once held as the worlds most worst airport voted by who? By the arriving and departing guests themselves. Seems legit enough to believe but the first time I came to see myself, yes it is true. The first time I saw the terminal 1, it was an awe as I still have nothing to compare it to. Until I saw KLIA in 2004 and Changi in 2007. Very modern and huge which makes it a well known and tourists look forward to. Well funded by the government and private institutions. The vision to be first and to help their tourism and business economy. 

It was a bit shameful how our airport manage has neglected until it undergone a makeover in 2014. The terminal has become brighter and more appealing to the flyers. 

newly rennovated ceiling of the departure hall of Terminal 1

The basic change of the new make over is a brighter LED lighting which makes it more modern. I think that the structure and architecture of the terminal is l classic and still competitive. I think that the next make over should be the facade by changing it to a stainless or glass. 

I just wish that the government pursues the creation of a new internally airport like any other country: Korea, HK, Beijing, Bangkok and Singapore. They invest for new airport for the main reason: open up the country to international business. Most of these countries have had multitude of business opportunities and boost their economy. 

The current situation of our aiport is very critical to the Filipino. The flying public is largely gearing up while our terminal remains the same. It congest the flow and movement inside. 

Eventually, the new NAIA Expressway has opened for the easy flow of traffic going in and out of T1. A great help, easing heavy traffic with few minutes either from Pasay or from SLEX. Another good resolve that was implemented was opening a hall for well wishers. As we Filipinos loved sending our friends and family with happy or sad goodbye. A treat that is loved and remembered.

T1 deserves better service to local and foreign travelers, changes won’t change it’s legacy but changes will keep it alive for you and for me.