The best comedic impersonation I’ve seen was Joh Santos’ portraying MDS as herself talking about how popular she is around the world. It goes something like this:

” They named a school after me, Miriam College….. they named a dictionary after me, Miriam Dictionary… “

It was more hilarious of course if you will see the video clips. It was a the time where Jon had a show while there was an ongoing impeachment trial v Chief Justice Corona.

Watch it here:

I think that Miriam is the epitome of a great and leader as she is so motivated, straight forward, eloquent and articulate. Her speech are not comparable to anyone up to this day. I never had a chance meeting her which I wished I had but now that she is not available… I guess I’ll just meet her in my memory.

She has been in government office for the longest time but she has became well known to me during the 1992 election period where she has shown her wit and her will to guide the nation to progress. I was still in high school that time when many are flocking in her meetings coming from distant towns and cities. I just don’t know yet how the election works, all I know is that candidate talk sometimes sing and dance, and buy votes. But it was very clear to me that very thing that pull her down, it’s about the issue on her mental health. Some say that she is mad which makes her not suitable of becoming president. The people seems to have believed it if not, it was became a ground to cheat making it appear that people’s trust faded on her (in which I personally believed). She filed an election protest and get tired hence she run for senator voiding her complaint.

She is the president that the Philippines never had. What could have been the history of the our country if she was declared winner? All I know is that the Philippines would be a benchmark in judicial best practices, executive power and  bureaucracy eliminating red tapes, and legisative performance. I’m not saying that now is not well because she once said that we have now the best law in the world. But I guess she also meant that we have a weak implementation and execution.

Her performance in the senate has reflected who and what she really is, outperforming her colleagues and peers with dignity and posture of a good public official. She has shown how hearings and debate should be done in the session halls, she sided on things she things is correct even she was left alone.

It’s been many days since she was brought to her burial ground and my writing seems late but I can’t help it. The thing is, I’ve seen her on Facebook while laying on her coffin and it touched me, it doubly makes me sad, it confirms that she is indeed gone. I can’t imagine if she’s still living and still in the senate, how is the current news is going to be for she has set a standard in those matters.

I salute her, she will be missed and will always stay in every step of the way in the hearts of  the youth, Philippine politics, and everyone who supports her.