Christmas Tree
Christmas is around the corner, my most favorite holiday of the year. My most excited feeling was waiting for that day, December 25. It started as young as I am as I can remember, so much expectant of new clothes and new shoes, nice food and drinks. 

They say that Christmas is for children and if it’s true then, I’m still young. And the best thing about it is, Philippines christmas is the longest celebration compared to any other places in the world. Technically, it starts during “ber” months that is September even up to January 6 celebrated as Three Kings but the decorations still placed up to a long time. 

In a few hours, it will be 25th of December already and it’s as if the count was 100 days away. The time flies so fast, the waiting is over but the fun still continues. 

Christmas is all about how the Lord loved us, He send His son Jesus to be with us and to be our savior. 

He loves everyone and He is waiting for our respond. He has given the greatest gift to humanity. 

I wish everyone a happy day, good health and live abundantly.