How does it take to order McDonalds meals in Singapore? 

It was so convenient now to order, you’ll just click, pay and wait, that easy! I encountered this the first time here in Suntec City since I’m not really into fast foods. It was really a surprise because I personally don’t know how to used it. It took me sometimes until I finally placed an order, it feels like you where buying stuff online only that people are lining behind you so you’ll get pressured hahaha…. 

It’s the first time I encountered here, im not sure whether you have in your place but definitely not yet in the Philippines at least in Manila. For me, it shows convinience in the  part of their customers and their employees, and they use technology to innovate and makes things better but less interaction between staff and customers. 

Now, the interaction is just beetween customers and that touchscreen. 

touchscreen LCD panel.
Select your order from the list of menus as you like as in traditional manual ordering. Choose if you want to pay at the counter or debit/credit card, then a bill will be printed with the details of your order, payment and a number which will be displayed whenever your order is in preperation and ready for collection. 
In preparation or serving screen
 And then, once your number appears on the serving side, you can make payment or collect items when you used cards. I’m a card person so I always used my debit card in most of any transaction here in Singapore. 

You can now enjoy your meal take away or dine in 

my take away meal
 It was so much fun and easy to buy now. But other than this, some fastfood are also equipped now with this facilities like KFC, my now favorite local burger chain “Burger Up”. Singapore is a small country but they have the most innovative way in making things automated. It can also be seen in hawker centers specifically in Kopitiam food court not only its a tap to pay method but you’ll get 10% discount of the total amount if you used a pre loaded card. 
Kopitiam loading card
 Apple play is now also available in Singapore very recently, and it is alao integrated with some terminal point of various merchants. By just using your iPhone and Apple watch or Samsung Pay, purchasing is now more fun.