Its true that after your vacation, even how restful you had you’ll still feel very tired when you’re at home. Home is really where your heart is. 

I just had my vacation last two weeks ago in Laguna from 3 months continuous work as an OFW. The best thing that ever happen to a person working abroad is to get back to where he came from. That what I did, and it was so much fun and excitement that you can just lay down even in the floor at your own comfort. Sleeping is like a breeze at night or at siesta time, a sleep like no other. 

Usually, everytime I go for a Philippines vacation, there must be one specific place I would go to unwind and relax. But this time, I had all the time in the house, clean up things, fixed things, put up a temporary coverings on my garage, pet my dog which I’m really excited about. Its been 3 months since last I saw him, but seems like dogs memory is forever. He started to wag his tail and lick my feet and my hands. First day in the morning, I walk him and he seemed very excited. Although some stray dogs seems not to like him because he’s just new in their sight. 

How’d I got my dog you may ask, it was my housemate’s moms dog. She is keeping about 20 dogs and planned to disperse some dogs because it’s too much already. And then I choose this black cute dog though he’s grown up. I took him in Manila and drive him to my house, and during the ride, I think he didn’t like my driving because I was quite in a hurry to bring him to his new house. 

I will be writing more blogs about my dog and my trips with him.