What’s the best thing that you can do if you feel stressed or depressed?

Sometimes if not most of it are caused by something that we don’t know. It just come and arrived without us knowing it. But then, other factors are our surroundings and the people and what they or we do to them. 

Stressed for me is like pulling a string without string in your hand. A self inflicted thing that we try to endure without a need to endure. Probably you might think that it’s uncomprehending because each has been into this feeling with the exception of some babies, though according to studies, they too suffers less level of stress. Anyway, we have our own experiences in life and we can’t say we understand each other, but I think is “NO”, we can only say “it will be okay”. I think that stress is the most difficult thing that a person can endure. 

Any matured person can be stressed, in schools, work and even in play. Some tend to devote themselves in doing something else to figures out they way out of it.

I think that stress is avoidable: 

  • Pray and trust God that He is in control
  • Don’t read articles that would stress you
  • Relax as much as possible even at home or work
  • Go with people who are positive
  • Smile and take things one a time. 

Human nowadays are bound by things such as technology, it makes all closer to us without even thinking the impact that it may bring to us. 

Stress is a man made issue and clearly you yourself can cure it.