Well, it’s been quite a while since my last post. This time around I just want to say my regards to the winning of the new US president.

It was a grueling one year and a half before finally casting their vote to choose their president. 

My point here is how it looks the same on what we I have observed during our Philippine elections in May ’16. 

Candidate throws 20 years old issue like that of Alicia Mechado regarding woman’s violation she had experience and all. Rude recorded conversation of a candidate in a men’s locker room and many more. 

Our local candidate now President Digong is not far from this manner. 

In my opinion, breaking the dignity of other person should and could only be done by a person with his dignity intact in him or herself, because your planned destruction of other people will not succeed. 

Digong was taken out of context and literally and not seriously so as the newly elected president. Talking through the heart can only be understood by a heartful person. 

I wish politicians learned a lesson from this important event. To be competent is good but to be true and wise is another matter. 

I’m not pro or con with either of the two but I became excited with how thier election will end up. 

To USA, God bless you! And may you have a lot of peace!