In my opinion, it was unkind that these kind of people are protesting their grief instead of doing something which is more rightful and equal and acceptable to everyone. 

We have courts and institution to run to for any misconduct or mischief from other people. I think that we have had the best lawyers to depend or persecute someone who dishonored others rights!

Our democracy has made us stronger and well learned on its advocacy and it’s strength through the years. 

But here’s the catch; we have to obey what our law which judges used as a basis of their judgements. 

Morally, we have differences and the levels of it is far away from each other, but then our common ground is it’s rule of law! There should be no question ask be it after judgement has been done, or after the appeal and or just a simple settlement. 

To be civilized is to uphold the moral conduct discerning the equal rights of others.

The world becomes chaotic when someone or some groups creates their own rule out of the ordinary or never creates rule at all! 

Fortunately, we have a government comes with its maximum tolerance towards some outstanding issues.