Preparing for a trip is a lot exciting, at least for me. Overnight is enough for me just to experience the city once or twice a year. 

I tend to prepare itenerary ahead of time probably 2 month before. I check POI on the map, arrange the journey and the time to be spent so that there is no wasted amount of time. Well, as for the traffic, it all depends from light to moderate to heavy.

I was actually preparing my trip to Baguio this month. Excited much!!! Itenerary has already been completed, now I’m just checking it from time to time for some amendments.

Why Baguio? The last time I was there wanting to experience the cold breeze was in December of 2015. It was awesome and I’m looking forward to see the foggy streets and from the mouth when you breath out. 

For me Baguio brings so much fun in relaxation and calmness because of the weather. 

However, driving within the city was quite a hassle since it’s so much crowded with people and vehicles. So as for my trip, I would go only to places on the outskirts of the city. 

Top destination is my favorite Camp John Hay, because other than this place, you no need to squeeze in or out. Walking here is so much fun, pine trees are giving life and wind brings joy to me. Luckily, it still untouched and occupied by settlers like houses you see on the slopes of the mountains coming to Baguio. 

I think CJH would be enough for people who just wants to relax, play and have fun. But I think I wouldn’t miss walking to Session Rd and eat on one of the restaurants there. SM to watch movie and Mines View Park.

I have been there once in Good Taste Restaurant for dinner, the food is cheap and the servings are plenty, and the taste is average. 

This time, route will be Marcos Highway. Never had drove here before because I always tend to turn to Kennon Road. 

Baguio – my fave city (before, but now it’s second to Davao)