Who spread it and what’s the intent in making of fake news? 

To exaggerate an issue or topic and for everyone to get involved in reading or watching, it is very rampant not only in the Philippines but worst in the US and other part of the world. 

Social media has become more popular because it is easier to access and it is available to anyone. It’s popularity has probably overtaken if not almost the mainstream media in terms of readers and users. Blogging and vlogging, writing articles can be posted in real time. 

On the other hand, what the mainstream is doing now is catching up and boosting their social effectiveness. But because of their business entity, most of them are link to partisan and end up becoming bias which mostly contradicts to who they should portay as a journalist or a reporter. 

Money works to this media business and they want to earn even in the expense of truthfulness in news articles and reporting. It has become obvious during the US presidential election of 2016, people whom support are for Trump, a republican presidential candidate slams media of selling their profession in favor or bias with the democratic candidate Clinton. 

None of these mainstream media has seen of equal reporting and all favor are just for Hillary. The problem is, they’re using their platform to express their disregard with Trump forgetting their responsibilities as a media entity to be equal, fair and true. 

Fake news was a great issue now, but basically it can easily be noticed and so called “fact check” by the listeners and readers. But the problem is, it only spread by now the social media but by the mainstream media as well for the longest time. Either to get and gather attention for ratings and rankings, but to intentionally mislead the people. 

Mainly, social media used of fake news is for an individual gain, to be noticed and to have a viral issue for the talk of the town in compliment or criticism in which both are good introduction. 

But with social media and politics, it played a big role in election and any other governmental events. 

Recently, the Philippine PCO was blasted by the MPC because Sec. Andanar made a comment about how media writes their reports about the president’s message regarding martial law, Andanar sites it was sensationalized. MPC defended their stand saying that it is the content that should be read and not just the headline. However, it is what’s their intention, to grab the attention of the reader in the expense of truth and balance reporting. 

Headlines are such twisted and are planting scare to people. Changing stories to clip bate, essentially fake headline to bate the  readers to read their articles which is unacceptable and unnecessary. 

There’s one particular party in Manila who accused social media people of spreading and making up fake news even the argument is very clear. Other Facebook sites are just anonymous and would not be available for investigation and the others are open with their faces on their profile who said that they are very much willing to participate on the senate investigation if ever it arise. 

In conclusion, I think that what we should do with this is to be vigilant in reading and listening to all the information we get from social media and even mainstream. Be observant and wise!