My first time in Baguio City was 2003 and for the n’th time, the city keeps calling me to come over and over again. 

Commuting or driving to Baguio is quite tricky specially the route via Kennon Road. For some reason, this is my most preference road, (I was a bit triggered to write is post because of the recent encounter between the Military and the left on these very area of Kennon Rd. It also reminds me of my trip from Baler where the following day after I checked out, a typhoon hit the town. The other instance was a day after Genting Highlands, a bus fells of the cliff. But I’m not a superstitious person and I really don’t mind such occurrences beacuse I believe that things happens at the right time and at the right place. And with prayer and faith, I will be spared).

Setting aside those stories still, Baguio is the most welcoming destination that I’ve ever been. I just can’t get enough of its weather where I could walk without being wet with sweat. A very comfortable place to stroll and enjoy the scenic view and the green calming color of the environment. 

I recently went to PMA grounds again since 2003 (skipped in between of my climbs). It was a great place to take pictures and rest. It reminds me that in here where the discipline starts making me decide that my kids should also be one of the alumni of this institution. 

Although it’s not suggestive to go to crowded places such as Burnham or the downtown, night time will fill you with chill and some unexpected surprise. In the morning will be a difficult one to find a parking area. But the food is amazing! I had the a satisfying food at Good Taste and brought home their cinamon and ube round bread. 

It was not much of a trip last December but just being in Baguio is enough, staying in bed is as good as outside the place. 

Thinking of coming back again soon!