Long drive is quite exhausting and boring on some places, but it brings fun and excitement.  I’m looking forward for every moment that I could drive to a destination. Planning a trip is awesome specially during the time of researching and hunting for a place to stay and eat. 

Summer is coming along the way, and for a traveler like me, it’s a good time to drive. The hot sun gives a better view of the road ahead, while driving when it’s raining is dangerous for as we know, roads in the countryside are not well maintained so we have to be double-cautious. 

Currently on my destinations bucket list this year are: 

  • Bicol (Legazpi City, Sorsogon, Barcelona, Gubat and Naga to Daet) 
  • Sagada
  • Cagayan (again) 
  • Ilocos (again in Norte and Sur)
  • Puerto Galera 
  • Baler (again) and,
  • Of course Baguio

I may not be able to go to each places but I’m positive that someday, I will!

A total savings is need for this trips because gasoline is not getting cheaper. At least I can have crackers and water along the road, buying things is not really my fondness, taking pictures is more appealing to me specially towns or cities markers. 

I couldn’t get enough of the wonder destinations in the Philippines, it has a lot to offer that would make you satisfied and come back for more fun! I just hope that we could have easy access to these places of interest, I think that it’s about time that we compete with other neighbouring Asian countries in tourism. 

For now, we can enjoy on what we have and what they can offer. 

Safe driving/trip this summer!