Going to north and or to south has a very distinct difference if you’re driving. Since I’m coming from Sta. Rosa in Laguna, I considered this as the center of both destination technically it should be Manila but based on experience, I had the same time traveled on both. I remembered a post on my Facebook that it’s the destination that matters and not the road to get there. And it’s very true, you’ll feel better and satisfied seing or approaching your destination and forgets the frustrations and exhaustions during the trip.

Passangers may felt less as the drivers do, but tiredness is just the same, sitting for a long time is uncomfortable and buttache won’t be treated by just changing the sitting position. I think that whatever type of car seat will not compromise the uncomfortableness of a long journey. The best thing to do is to have a stopover which would consume time but it should be worth it. The best stopover for me are those provincial terminal stopovers because you can find good food and your stomach will be satisfied. Other places are church patios, parks and squares, malls are also good in a way to cool you down but it would make u spend more than your budget.

The road is long and bumpy at times, the view is so scenic and alive. That feeling of excitement and enjoyment specially it is your first time to go to that place. South driving is a little boring to be honest, it’s never ending and true enough, winding. Towns are kilometers aways from each other, so you will be filled with expectancy of what’s the next town or city would look like.

It took me about 12 hours trip including all the stops we had for breakfast, lunch and snack and toilet break in between. And fortunately, fuel consumption is acceptable, I had a total of 3 full tanks for the trip to and going back and last 1 full tank in Laguna.

Would I come back? I guess, if I will be driving a bigger car. Though driving a compact car is comfy enough, driving SUV or van is more tough and more reliable specially in rough roads or sudden bumps. But all in all, the trip was fun specially that I have someone to exchange in driving unlike the last time I went to Cagayan.

But honestly, I feel more better driving alone than with someone to swap with me. I dont know why but I feel more safer and I can keep the momentum. Except when the tiring comes along the way.

This blog has long been over due but nonetheless,  I will still want to share with you about this trip soon enough.