The first time was 2004! And I almost forgot what it is after I came back several years later. Melaka or Melacca is a world heritage city in the southewest coast area of Malaysia. Located in a very much developed area of the Malaka State. The city is one of the tourist attractions in this state due to its fun field activities, museums and sights. And speaking of museums, it has one of the most if not, has numbers of museums anywhere in Asia or the world. Every corner and streets has a museum to go to.

This latest trip was an enjoyable one, I came unexpectedly after my friends invited me to hitch with his car together with his other family and friends. Right after going out from work, we started the journey. The weather is good in that afternoon joyride, though we had a brunch before that in not a cozy restaurant but the food is nice and filling. Like me, everyone was excited! Everyone is anticipating fun and enjoyment. 

Going to Melacca is best done with your own transport, there are public buses though. It can bring you direct from Johor or Kuala Lumpur. Fortunately, my friend has a car to help us roam around the city. A very cool thing about the working people of Malaysia is that, they can easily buy a car be it brand new or second had. The journey was smooth on their expressway south to north. Quite boring because the sight was not really interesting,  so all you got to do is take a power nap! And since drivers are all around, our lady friends can take charge of the wheel while we sleep. It will take two hours to reach the city so you’ll have a great time of sleeping. 

With a non stop trip, we reach right on time to check in our hotel though we had to locate the hotel with the drivers Waze. The hotel is actually a 2 storey commercial building converted is a 3 room apartment. A clean secured and comfortable bed attracts me to lie down. But not quite, I was dragged to follow them to have a walk with my friend in which like me, he also doesn’t have enough sleep. 

The city escape has begun! Technically, our place was just around the corner of the city attractions and we can just walk but for some reasons, they brought the car. I know for the fact that parking is very difficult to find here as if people gone but cars stays forever. Public and even private secured parking are both ilusive, so we have to make a mary-go-round to catch a chance! 

One amazing thing about Malaysians, they love to eat out, well mostly Chinese Malaysian. Restaurants here are full house or they will run out of their specialties. We are actually looking for this one particular known resto serving Laksa but they run out even few hours before they closed. So we chose their another tasty soury one, which is as good!

Entrance to Jonker Walk
Plum ice cream
Pasar Malam at Jonker Walk
Fresh fruid dip
Breakfast heavy meal – Malaka Bah Ku Teh

Restaurants are like neighbours, they are side by side along Jonker street also known as Jonker Walk because as you walk, your eyes and tummy will get the feel of the need to stop in evey shops and resto’s. One good thing when we where there is the opportunity to see “pasar malam”, which happens every weekend. This pasar or market is like our “tiange” in the Philippines. They sell all bits and pieces of a malls are selling but at a lot cheaper prices. 

So far so good! Simple yet fun filled trip! HopefullyI could come back and see this place again!