Year 2018 was just an a amazing 😉 time for me because I had a time to prepare things about traveling. It started right after December ends, I was so excited listing down my first ever Panagbenga Festival experience. I have been to Baguio City for many times but this festival always skips off my schedule. Other than that, what excites me is the coldest time of the City was February, at least the listed ones around 11 degrees celcius. The coldness never disappoints me but the reality is, it wasn’t as cold as I expected.

Panagbenga was one of the most famous festival in the Philippines were people from other provinces, cities and countries flocks to see the events. One of the most looked-forward to event was the flower floats, they go from many shapes and sizes and one amazing requirement of these floats: flowers displayed or designs should have to be all real. Because of this, you’ll know how meticulously and intricately made these floats are.

Even I’m a first timer, I anticipated what it would look like to be an expectator in the said events. Street dancing, free concerts and all other events even food stalls will be filled with people, and yes, indeed it was really crowded. One of the best thing that Baguio has to offer during this times, its weather! Even how much people gather together specially at night, the coldness will be your partner of being comfortable in the midts of the crowds.

The trip was always good for me because its sunny, and what could be the best time to drive in Kennon Road was this season: sunny day. Shoutout and thanks to the DPWH for expanding and extending the TPLEX until Pozzorubio in Pangasinan cutting the trip for almost an hour to Baguio and surrounding towns from the south. The last that I took this route along TPLEX was it end only at Binalonan, good enough though but the extension was more than awesome! Baguio City is becoming nearer and nearer for me.

Stayed in Baguio for couple of days, I was able to see the other places which I never have seen before. Jogged to Old Diplomat Hotel in the early morning, there was still fog around and the breeze of ice cold wind and the cold is suffocating specially if you’re running. Following google map is a bit confusing because the streets there are winding and most of the time, I lost the orientation of the map for some reason, or probably was the internet connection. The good this is, people there are helpful, one uncle guided me to the correct way.

The sun was still rising when I reached the place, the view was awesome and I’m glad that there are already few youngsters are inside the old hotel because if not, I wouldn’t have get in. Creepy as they say and so in my concious mind it’s not but yes! I was having some goosebumps. I believed that this hotel could have been used for other purposes than being abandoned.

And then suddenly, the low lying Baguio City sound the drums calling the start of the Panagbenga event of that day. It was the start of being a first-timer of this festival. Rushed down from the Diplomat Hill, took a jeepney since I couldn’t follow my maps anymore and went back to the hotel.

P2 is coming.

Peace ✌️